Entry #1

1 Year on Newgrounds!

2016-10-10 18:16:19 by Kyron20

It's been a year since I started making music and I joined Newgrounds. Thank you for all of the support! Sorry for the infrequent uploads, I've been having a rough couple of months. To celebrate this occasion, I'll let you choose what you want me to upload.


1. Glitch Hop (5 1/2 min.)

2. House (3 1/2 min.)

3. Orchestral (2 min.)


All of them are finished, I just never really thought they were good enough to upload (they are, don't worry). I need 3 votes, so just comment what you want and I'll upload it.


Again, thanks for an amazing year on Newgrounds! I hope there will be many more to come.

Edit: Okay, glitch hop it is! It's my first attempt at it, so I hope you guys won't hate it that much.


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2016-10-10 19:32:38

ayy you joined about a week after me then :P

i vote for glitch hop!

Kyron20 responds:

Alright, that's one vote for Glitch Hop! It's my first attempt, so hopefully it won't be too horrible (if it gets picked).


2016-10-12 18:10:47

GG on one year m8! 3 names lel, KaptainCPU, Jupiter, Kyron. XD but I vote Glitch Hop


2016-10-12 18:25:55

glitch hop no question :3 ..does that make me the third vote?


2016-10-12 20:47:20

Nice music :D
My choice: Orchestral


2017-02-11 14:27:13

Happy Anniversary! :)